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    How to -

    January 14, 2016 by Animalandia

    Hi guys! This is a guide for those that are confused with the new edits that I made with the wiki. wohoo

    So how does this infobox works? Okay first erase those big tables, then press the Insert button, find "Template" then choose Character Infobox, then it will ask you information, eg. Age, Birthday, Height, Weight, you just got to write those and then tada! You have those infobox!

    If you want to add an image, just write [ [FIle:Name of image] ] (erase the space between the two [ [

    Example, [ [File:Stride.jpg ] ]

    Aye Okay?

    Same thing applies, except, instead of searching, Character Infobox on the template, you have to search for "episode infobox :D

    Let's make this wiki a more beautiful one! WOhooo

    About the color, combinations, yeah my color comb…

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