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Tomoe Yagami
Char 293835
Kanji 八神 巴
Romaji Yagami Tomoe
Age 17-18
Gender Male
Birthday July 7
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Reddish Brown
Height 181 cm
Weight 69 kg
Blood Type AB
Personal Status
Status High School Senior
Relatives Riku Yagami (younger brother)
Occupation Runner
Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Takahira Sakurai
English Voice Todd Haberkorn
Anime Episode 1 (cameo)
Episode 8

Tomoe Yagami (八神 巴, Yagami Tomoe) is a former member of the original Honan Stride Club and Riku's older brother. He is now a third year student at Kakyoin High School and is one of the stride club's runners. He is voiced by Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese) and Todd Haberkorn (English).


Tomoe is a tall, slender young man with slick black hair and purple eyes. His bangs are parted to the right, covering his eye.

He wears a dark purple jersey (with black covering the arms and "Kakyoin High School S.T." written in the middle). He wears it with black leggings, wristbands and running shoes.


Tomoe is considered a genius runner of the original Honan Stride Club along with Heath. He is also the older brother of Riku. He was studying abroad in America, but came back to Japan because Joe Sakurai scouted him for Kakyoin. He loves to run, and has an honest personality.


Riku revealed that unlike Riku, who is predominantly a starter, Tomoe is predominantly an anchor, so they won't match up head-to-head. He has far better speed and stamina than both Riku and Takeru, even though Takeru did not match up against him in the time trial.





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