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Blocking Policy

These rules are made to be followed by all admins, staff and wiki contributors. Please follow these rules strictly.


Administrators can block a user if they do any harm to the wiki. Contributors can tell any administrator to block a user that breaks the rules.

User/Contributor Consequences

Breaking the rules is something that cannot be ignored; the rules are set in order to maintain peace and order on the wiki so if you break any of them, you may be subject to the consequences below.


As mentioned previously, most offenders may be given warnings before the administrators take action. If the offenders choose to ignore the warning(s) and continue breaking the rules, then the administrators would have no choice but to give punishment. The consequences are as follows:

Action Done by Wiki User or Contributor Consequence
Minor Harassment (light insults) to another User Comment(s) will be deleted and offending user will be banned for a period of four months.
Major Harassment (explicit language, etc) to another User Comments will be deleted and offending user will be banned for an infinite amount of time.
Minor Vandalism (1-2 edit or depending on the content) Edit(s) will be deleted and offending user will be given several warnings. There is usually no ban yet, but that depends on the content of the vandalism.
Major Vandalism (3 or more edits or depending on the content) Edits will be deleted and offending user will be banned for a period of six months.
Extreme Vandalism (complete destruction of pages) Edits will be reverted and offending user will be banned for an infinite amount of time.
Spamming Spam posts will be deleted and depending on the content of the posts, offending user may be banned for three to six months.
Posting on message wall(s) or the Live!Chat inappropriate media, text, or links that lead to such material (pornography, explicit images/videos, malicious sites, illegal sites, etc.) Post(s) will be deleted and the offending user will be banned for an infinite amount of time.
Other Administrators will discuss and announce punishment within a week.

Please note that there may be exceptions to the consequences and that a user may be unbanned if they appeal to one of the administrators on their message wall on this wiki or their Community Central message wall. Please also note that these rules may be subject to change. All registered users will usually be notified when such changes occur.

Blocked for no reason

Administrators may block innocent users by accident; however, this rarely happens. If you are banned for no reason and think that you have been banned wrongly, please leave a message on either your page page or the General Discussion Forum.

WARNING: Please do not try to find the admins through a different wiki. The chances of them responding to you will be low.

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