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Kanji 三橋
Romaji Mihashi
Captain Yu Kamoda (former)
Kei Kamoda
Colours Green / Navy Blue / White

Mihashi High School (三橋高校, Mitsuhashi Koukou) is a high school located in the Saitama Prefecture.

Stride Club


Yu Kamoda gave up being a captain because the Stride Club is runner-focused, so Yu is only a figurehead/spokesperson. Yu never gives the order to go correctly, so Kei does while using a watch so opposing relationers can no longer anticipate counts. The team is on average a lot taller and stronger than Honan.


Name Position Year Status
Kei KamodaCaptain/Runner2nd YearActive
Yu KamodaRelationer3rd YearActive
Aoi ShimaRunner2nd YearActive
Hisato HarigayaRunner2nd YearActive
Takeshi EifukuRunner2nd YearActive
Nobuhiko NagatsukaRunner2nd YearActive

Spring Festival

Visual Novel & Light Novel

  1. Mihashi vs Honan

Trial Tour


  1. Mihashi vs Honan (Honan won by 4 seconds, the actual time is unknown)


  • They are the second opponents of Honan in the anime (first in terms of the End of Summer Trial Tour), but are first opponents in the visual novel and light novel.
  • According to Ayumu, the school is famous for raising giant carp streamers during Boy's Festival Day, because Saitama is the No.1 manufacturer of carp streamers in Japan.


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